About Me

When I was a kid, I never understood why I was somehow different from the others. I was grown in a very ordinary family. There was not anything that could influence me specifically. But I became a bully at school without my awareness. I enjoyed beating the boys around me, making them do what I wanted. I was too small to realise that I was not merely a bully, yet I had no idea about BDSM.

When I grew up, I got to meet a dominant guy who was the first person telling me about BDSM. I started discovering it and realised that I had my natural dominant side which I never noticed before. However, I was afraid that I could not be against the society and what the people thought about me.

One day, destiny brought to me someone who was a sub. I could tell that he was my first devotee. With him, I began experiencing my dominant side. I got to understand that I had the power from the sub who was giving up himself to me. It was very nice. ‘The magic of life’ was what I seemingly got out of it.

It has been almost 10 years since I was first called Mistress. I am very thankful to all the people who have helped me to fulfil and develop myself as a Dom. I am passionate and really enjoy it.

As a Dom, I would rather be called Miss than Mistress. Don’t ask me why. I enjoy disciplines. If you cannot call me Miss with all your heart, you can never surrender yourself to me. This is not a game. I highly appreciate those who don’t mind being themselves even though they probably seem weird to the people.

To me, the basic of a Dom/sub relationship is Trust. If you don’t have trust for me, you cannot be entirely open to me. There will be limits and boundary between two parties. Without trust, you can never give up yourself completely. Although I can force you to do things as I wish, you will suffer instead of being joyful at the end. Doubts and fears will come from that. BDSM is for both partners to enjoy, otherwise there is something wrong.

I am currently in VN. I may look young and innocent but don’t be fooled by it. I can tame you no matter how stubborn you are and I can also be cruel if you are not as obedient as you are supposed to be. Moreover, I am into both male and female so please do not hesitate to book my sessions if you are female.

The idea of having an online dungeon came from the experiences that I had with my submissive friends. I am doing online sessions for submissive who are not near from me can still be dominated by me. Also it is for those who are looking for discretion in the lifestyle.

Someone said to me that I got support by supporting people. I truthfully agree with that.  I hope you will enjoy having my sessions and somewhere in the corner of your world, your desires will be fulfilled.

Join me in this adventure.