My Subs Rating

Hi on this page, I will rate the subs who I have had sessions with for your behaviors and how I feel  for you. Your names and personal details won’t be mentioned of course. I don’t rate every sub tho. Hope u guys can improve yourself after reading and Thank you so much for serving and supporting me in this path. Cheers!

1/From Germany: body is not very sensitive but quite adventurous and open to try new things. Rate 7.3/10

2/From Ireland: a bit flat and inexperienced but nice guy. Took his ass virginity. Rate 7.5/10

3/From the US: a horny bitch, generous, too many limits for now. Took his ass virginity. Rate 7.3/10

4/From Australia: good pain slut, experienced, can‘t stay hard. Rate 8.2/10

5/From the US: a cutie, relaxing and easy going. Gave up his ‘first’ to me. Rate 7.4/10

6/From the UK: adventurous, playful,  experienced, a bit egoistical. Rate: 8.4/10

7/From Malaysia: experienced, very obedient, less adventurous. Rate 7.7/10

8/From Singapore: bad behaviors, not really into the lifestyle in my opinions. Rate 4.8/10

9/From England: a newbie but super hot, pretty submissive and generous. Rate 8.9/10

10/From the US: devoted sissy, obedient. rate 7.5/10

11/From VN: shy at first, crazy later. Rate 7.2/10

12)From Spain: very fit and good looking, but has to learn a lot more. Rate 6.5/10

13)From Thailand: kinky and hardcore sub. Rate 8.2/10

14)From Iran: sweet and passionate. Rate 7.7/10

15)From Vietnam n Russia: cute couple, super crazy adventurous. Rate 9/10

16)From VN: a cutie n sub by heart. Rate 8.2/10

17)From Ukraine: very passionate and loving person. Rate 8/10

18)From The Phillipines: hillarious and cool guy but too anxious to be adventurous. Rate: 6.9/10

19)From The UK: mature, relaxed and easy going. Rate: 7.2/10

20)From Thailand: cool man, not very adventurous tho. Rate 6.5/10

21/From Dubai: newbie, very nervous but open minded. Rate 6.5/10

22)From Singapore: generous, sweet and devoted. Rate 8.7/10

23)From Malaysia:  a beginner, adventurous, open minded n generous. Rate: 7..8/10

24)From VN: improving, devoted. Rate: 8.0/10

25)From Malaysia: one of my regulars, nice and clean, pain tolerance increaed. Rate 7.6/10

26)From Italy: a switch, or fake sub, rude, not a good experience at all. Rate 3/10

27)From Korea: a virgin literally. Need more practise. Rate 6.5/10

28)From Singapore: an old friend, still sweet as usual. Rate 7.9/10

29)From the UK: a dedicated masochist who I never got bored of torturing. Rate 7.8/10.

29)From Thailand: first time in BDSM, need more training in how to do a better blow job. Rate 6.5/10

30)From South Africa: a very sweet sub, pretty obedient and supportive. I’m afraid that I would fall for you if we saw each other many times :). Rate 9/10

31)From India: I don’t remember how many sessions I have had with you but I just want you to know that I always have fun everytime we meet. Thanks a lot for supporting me. Rate 9/10

32)From Japan: soft and sweet, very new to the lifestyle. One day I will take your ass virginity if you can save it for me! Rate 7/10

33)From the US: anxious and very preserved. Hope you can be more open next time. Rate 7/10

34)From France: he booked an over night session with me. I made him sleep on the floor exactly like a slave dog. Amazed that he did it so well. Great session! rate 9/10