How to Book

1.     How to book my sessions:

–          Send me a message or an email to reserve your desired sessions and dates.

–          Pay through PayPal.

–          Receive confirmation email from me within 24 hours.


–          There is no refund for cancelled bookings.

–          Sessions can be delayed twice only.

–          After payment, you need to arrange session date with me within 30 days. If not, your booking will be cancelled.

–          For the Real Sessions, before receiving it, you will have to fill out a form about your health case so that I know what is not good for you physically.

2.     What to know before sessions:

–          To have things that is required.

–          During the session, your phone should be off or put in silent mode.

–          Personal activities are not accepted when in the session.

–          To prepare yourself for submission. A ‘No’ to my demands is not accepted.

–          Be respectful and humble during the session. Your booking won’t be taken again once you have bad behaviours.

If you are not clear of anything, please contact me for further information.