My trip schedule

I am a 100% Domme. My limits: no sex, no blood, no scat, no needles, no escort services. My rates are not negotiable. Since there are many fakers, I am not very responsive or chatty ’till I meet you in real. Please contact Me for further information. To know if I am genuine, pls see my pics and videos. You will be ignored or in my black list for rate bargain, disrespect and misbehavior.

18 Mar 2018: from now on I will write my thoughts about the subs I have had sessions with. You can find it on My Subs Rating page. Follow my page to get updated. Thanks!

16 Sept 2018: Products on SALE, Contact Me to buy with best prices

  • Adult Baby Diapers L-Size: up to 150kgs, for humiliation n baby fetish.

18 Sept: new photos added

Trip schedule 2018:

       Chiang mai: till 12 Nov