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Me as a Leo – Women Supremacy

Women Supremacy

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When the Leo star was shining the brightest in the sky, I was born in a female led family. When I was a kid, I was trained by my grandma who was a sadist dominant woman. She had raised me with good manners and disciplines. I got punished for my bads. Her secret weapon was the cane but believe me she had many more types of torture. I guess she trained me well because every time I saw the cane, I got chilled n not even dare to make any mistakes. And so I grew up with it as a little sadist myself. 

For vanilla, I got artistic genes from my parents which I am always hugely thanksful. You might be wondering why ’cause there are so many artistic people in the world. I never consider myself as special or smart because of it but see myself as an art. My artistic side has helped me a lot seeing both worlds ( vanilla and lifestyle) in different colors apart from black and white. I myself have many fears such as water, darkness, caning, needles, ropes etc but the artistic side had grown me up with a leo heart in a tiny physical body. I made myself explore the world while many people were still sleeping around me because of what was called tradition. If you ask what the biggest goal of my life is, I will say it is to win over myself day by day.

Recently I got to see caning and needles sessions which are in my limits. I enjoyed watching and learning from people. I realized they were not that scary as I thought. It is like a photograph. If you take it in different angles, the image will be different. Also it depends on people who see it, the picture can be different too. So I learnt to see my fears in another way as pieces of art which I love to get beyond and fill them with joys and beauty. Then the fears are not that fearful. I used to be so scared of water for many many years due to the accident of mostly being drawn in my childhood. I did set it as one of my lifetime goals. I took many swimming courses but could never swim. Every time I was in water, it reminded me of the bad memory. And in one nice sky day, my Leo side couraged me to overcome it. I went to a swimming pool, put myself in water n relaxed. I didnt try to swim but to feel the water n learnt to love and play with it. I had been done that for 2 weeks. The time came. When I most felt comfortable with the water, I laid myself in it and started moving my arms and legs. Right at the moment, my fear of water became love n passion. It was very beautiful feeling that I could never forget in my life. I now can swim. It happened the same to the sounding which was an art to make, not to be afraid of. 

I love to wake up everyday seeing myself to be improved and more completed. It is great that once you can get over one fear, the others seem to be easier and more enjoyable. Life is a beautiful piece of art to fulfill colorfully and fears are what are burying you with black and white. If you are not ready to make your own colors yet, try to mix black and white first, don’t just sit and say ‘ I have fears’ because time is not waiting for anyone. 

From Miss

How to impress Me – Guide to A Slave’s Behaviors

Guide to A Slave’s Behaviors


I sometimes have got questions like How someone would make Me happy or How they can please Me. To let you know guys I do appreciate it a lot that you care about Me and How I feel. If you ever read my previous posts, you will notice that I am a dominant by blood or at least I know that I am (smile). So it makes Me happy just to meet a like-minded person, I meant a sub by nature. It is the most attracted thing to see someone who is devoted naturally and unconditionally.

You might think now that if there are such people. Tell you what, being a pro Dom, I have been very lucky to meet those who I find so so so beautiful. I am not talking about their looks but their hearts. I don’t find anything more attracted than a pure submissive heart. And now the question is what makes Me happy. Every Dom has different demands and expectation. To be honest, I am not that good technically to compare with other Dommes. They are surely much much better than Me. All I can give you is my heart, my feeling and my connection to you. Once again, I love to be treated as a Princess.

I love to be kissed on my hands and my feet. If you look into my eyes and kiss my hand, I’m sure that you will touch my heart and one step closer to Me. About my demands, do I have any? Yes, for my Queeny side I enjoy very much being given things. I don’t mean expensive or luxurious stuffs, even for little things like a small cake for example, I still feel happy enough. Of course I can buy myself those things so why? The answer is because I am Queeny (laugh). 

There are many advice that I should make myself more popular by posting more of adverts and more photos on my site. The thing is Do I need to be popular? I don’t, even though I know that it might bring more money to Me but I never feel like being too commercial. It is what I feel for myself. I am not judging anyone here. What you might not know is I have made this site on my own and what I have posted on here is what I feel like sharing to ‘this world’. I know that it is very simple site and not fascinating at all but it is all I can do (smile).

It is obvious that adverts are necessary in this modern world. I do post adverts of course to reach out people. If someone are meant to see Me then they will. Money is needed for life which I never deny. I used to tell someone that I am glad just to earn enough during my trips and I am hugely thankful to those who have supported Me. I will never forget that. 

Some people may find Me arrogant because I reject taking sessions sometimes. If I accidentally offend you, I really apologize. The thing is I would not do what I don’t like or I can’t enjoy (for example scat session) no matter how much money you give Me. Besides, if I don’t feel respectful or you are too much egoistic as a sub, I have to say sorry that I won’t see you because I know for sure that it won’t be enjoyable for both of us.

Some people think that they can get whatever they want since they pay for the sessions. They are not submissive by heart obviously. Those mannered people would not be able to get along with Me. I am not saying they are no good, just that our thinking are so different so why see each other?

Money is important but there is something that is more important to Me. If I don’t follow my heart, believe Me I will be a loser. Life is miracle this way. So yeah if you are looking for a very professional skillful Dom, it’s probably not Me. All I have is a lot of love to share and I ensure you that I always enjoy whatever I do to you.

Another thing is someone said that I didn’t look like a Dom. I found it quite funny and entertained to hear. Wondering How a Dom should look. Do I have to look like a Dom to be a Dom? So then I contacted that person and asked for the answer. From his thinking and from what he has seen, Dommes have quite heavy make-up especially on their eyes which make them look more masculine and powerful. Is this right? If you guys can answer this better, please message Me. I guess it depends on what people are looking for.

I never feel that I need a heavy make-up which I consider bad way to my skin. I might have an angel look with an evil heart? There is no doubt that I can add more make-over to myself but then How am I gonna add make-up to my heart? Perhaps I have to go to a spa for that (laugh). 

From VN Goddess

Rapist – Domme Viet Nam

Domme Viet Nam

BDSM 3some

One of my BDSM fantasies is to rape a slave. Do not get the idea that it is something relating to an intercourse. Slaves are not allowed to have it even though you have seen it a lot in BDSM porns.

Before a rape, I enjoy having a leash that is up to a day while I hang out with friends. It might be done in a cage or I tie him down. When I get back, the slave may end up being on the floor with full of his pee, so he surely gets my punishment. I pull his hair and push his face into the pee. He has to clean it all with his mouth and tongue. It will be followed by a hard whipping and caning for a torture.

My cruelty would not stop there yet. I push him down, lock him all up in wrists and ankles restraints. He will get a hard face slapping continuously until his cheeks get all red. A gag in his mouth coming along with a hood will be done afterwards. His chastity still remains. 

I use a strap-on to take him from behind. I do not care if he is a virgin or not, I will still rape him hard. The thing I love about torture is to hear a slave screaming and begging for mercy. It is exciting!

When I am not enough satisfied, I will ask another guy to take him for me. It does not matter if he is straight or bisexual. I love to see that. That guy will not be allowed to come until I ask him to. I would like for it to last an hour. Then make the slave suck his sexual part and swallow his come and so on.

Wonder if anyone dares to try this session with me…

From VN Goddess