How to impress Me – Guide to A Slave’s Behaviors

Guide to A Slave’s Behaviors


I sometimes have got questions like How someone would make Me happy or How they can please Me. To let you know guys I do appreciate it a lot that you care about Me and How I feel. If you ever read my previous posts, you will notice that I am a dominant by blood or at least I know that I am (smile). So it makes Me happy just to meet a like-minded person, I meant a sub by nature. It is the most attracted thing to see someone who is devoted naturally and unconditionally.

You might think now that if there are such people. Tell you what, being a pro Dom, I have been very lucky to meet those who I find so so so beautiful. I am not talking about their looks but their hearts. I don’t find anything more attracted than a pure submissive heart. And now the question is what makes Me happy. Every Dom has different demands and expectation. To be honest, I am not that good technically to compare with other Dommes. They are surely much much better than Me. All I can give you is my heart, my feeling and my connection to you. Once again, I love to be treated as a Princess.

I love to be kissed on my hands and my feet. If you look into my eyes and kiss my hand, I’m sure that you will touch my heart and one step closer to Me. About my demands, do I have any? Yes, for my Queeny side I enjoy very much being given things. I don’t mean expensive or luxurious stuffs, even for little things like a small cake for example, I still feel happy enough. Of course I can buy myself those things so why? The answer is because I am Queeny (laugh). 

There are many advice that I should make myself more popular by posting more of adverts and more photos on my site. The thing is Do I need to be popular? I don’t, even though I know that it might bring more money to Me but I never feel like being too commercial. It is what I feel for myself. I am not judging anyone here. What you might not know is I have made this site on my own and what I have posted on here is what I feel like sharing to ‘this world’. I know that it is very simple site and not fascinating at all but it is all I can do (smile).

It is obvious that adverts are necessary in this modern world. I do post adverts of course to reach out people. If someone are meant to see Me then they will. Money is needed for life which I never deny. I used to tell someone that I am glad just to earn enough during my trips and I am hugely thankful to those who have supported Me. I will never forget that. 

Some people may find Me arrogant because I reject taking sessions sometimes. If I accidentally offend you, I really apologize. The thing is I would not do what I don’t like or I can’t enjoy (for example scat session) no matter how much money you give Me. Besides, if I don’t feel respectful or you are too much egoistic as a sub, I have to say sorry that I won’t see you because I know for sure that it won’t be enjoyable for both of us.

Some people think that they can get whatever they want since they pay for the sessions. They are not submissive by heart obviously. Those mannered people would not be able to get along with Me. I am not saying they are no good, just that our thinking are so different so why see each other?

Money is important but there is something that is more important to Me. If I don’t follow my heart, believe Me I will be a loser. Life is miracle this way. So yeah if you are looking for a very professional skillful Dom, it’s probably not Me. All I have is a lot of love to share and I ensure you that I always enjoy whatever I do to you.

Another thing is someone said that I didn’t look like a Dom. I found it quite funny and entertained to hear. Wondering How a Dom should look. Do I have to look like a Dom to be a Dom? So then I contacted that person and asked for the answer. From his thinking and from what he has seen, Dommes have quite heavy make-up especially on their eyes which make them look more masculine and powerful. Is this right? If you guys can answer this better, please message Me. I guess it depends on what people are looking for.

I never feel that I need a heavy make-up which I consider bad way to my skin. I might have an angel look with an evil heart? There is no doubt that I can add more make-over to myself but then How am I gonna add make-up to my heart? Perhaps I have to go to a spa for that (laugh). 

From VN Goddess

Am I a Pro Dom? – BDSM Session Viet Nam

BDSM Session Viet Nam

BDSM session vn

Yes and no.

Yes because I do charge for my sessions. I know there are quite a lot of doubts and questions around it, something like if I am a Domme for money and that it is my job. Tell you what, I have heard a lot. This post is to clear it out if any of you have ever wondered about Me.

Firstly, I have devoted Myself to the lifestyle. There is undoubting truth that I was born to be a Dominant. Whatever you call Me or think of Me, I am still what I am. I have lived this part of mine to the fullest and I never pretend to be something. Apart of being a Mistress, I am a person just like yourself. I still have to live as well. Doing sessions is one of my livings. I am taking care of myself. So do not judge Me if you don’t even know about Me.

Secondly, those who come to Me usually have their own lives. SM is a piece of their whole life that I name “another world”. Apart from their vanilla lives, they still have a desire of fulfilling their fantasies without hurting their vanilla. I am here for that. There are no strings, no attachment and I do always make sure both you and Me have fun. 

Thirdly, even tho I charge for it, I prefer calling ‘tribute’ than pay. It could be money, gifts, toys, things that I need and so on. Please don’t think that you pay to have fun with Me but to support Me and my dungeon since it is one of very few one in Ho Chi Minh. Pleases note that my session is not about sex and I am not  a bar girl. If you can not respect Me for what I am, please do not contact Me.

The last thing is I know that many people would rather have a D/s relation than to tribute for a short session. I understand. But a relationship is just not as what you think, it is a lot more behind the meanings. In a relationship, there are more responsibilities, you have to take a good care of Me make sure that I am always happy. Yes for that, do you think you are ready? So think twice before you wish for something.

Am I a pro Dom? Does it really matter now as long as I do sessions with all my heart? I don’t take your money for nothing, I do care about my partners during the sessions, to ensure that you enjoy it with Me. I spend my precious time with you so I expect to get something that would support Me and my life, otherwise who is gonna take care of Me? I never push anyone to pay if you are not willing to. So please remember that life has chosen me this way, what I am doing is to support both sides, not just for money. 


From VN Goddess

Life of a slave dog – BDSM Viet Nam

BDSM Viet Nam

slave dog vn

This slave dog arrived at the door of Miss T’s place for its slave dog train and slave was let into the apartment and stripped naked and knelt like a good slave dog should.

Miss turned and look at Her slave dog property and told it that it was late, this slave was thinking to blame the traffic and bad weather on the way to Her place but know it was really to blame and that it would probably be punished for this mistake. Miss told this slave to kneel head down to the floor in the middle of the room, this slave dog crawls its ways toward the middle of the room with some helpful kicks from Miss, it kneel and stayed in place as Miss, tied this slave dogs hands and legs and process to go picked up a the leather flogger.

The Goddess came over to Her slave property and put the sharp of Her heel into this slaves ass saying to it “you were late, you kept me waiting and you must be punished for that dog”, this slave agreed as She start to flog this slaves back and ass, the leather straps crossing this slaves skin, as Miss would pin the slave down with Her high heeled boots to whip it again and again.

“Will you be late again slave dog” Miss asks Her slave dog, this slave dog answers “no Miss, this slave will not be late again Miss”, Miss was unimpressed and to make sure She continued to flog this slave dog hard.

Once Miss was happy with the punishment She walked away, telling the slave to stay where it was, this slave dog did as She wished, Miss came back with the cane, and before this slave dog knew it the cane was striking this slaves ass, time after time, this slave started to moan in pain Miss quickly said stop Your complaining slave, Miss kept caning and playing with Her slave dog caning the slave cheeky and then pushing Her heel into the skin of this slaves red ass.

Miss then left and returned to sit on this slave dogs back, “You wanted to try this before slave but you did not get it, now is the time”, Miss then started to paddle this slave hard, first paddling one ass cheek at a time building up the power of Her strokes, then Miss targeted the slave dog balls hitting them a few times until the slave dog yelped, only to go back to paddling the cheeks and moving back to the balls again.

This slave dogs ass was nice and red as Miss felt over its sore, red, welted skin and then a few good spanks Miss ordered slave dog to roll over onto its back and lay there, slave laid naked tied on the floor as Miss walked on top of it, standing in Her high heel crushing and trampling this slave dog into the floor, as Her heels dag into the slave skin and Her weight crushed this slave completely it was an honor to be trampled by such an Asian Goddess, She knew how to use Her power over this slave dog, pushing its limits further and further, stepping on it more and more.

She then applied Her foot to this slave dogs throat putting all Her weight onto it, this slave could not breathe, as it looked up to see Miss smiling in delight, Miss Tran does have a delightful sadistic side to Her which is great to please.

Miss then stepped off this slave dogs throat and went and sat on the coach, She then ordered this slave to get up and go lick, clean and worship Her lovely boots which She had just used to trample this slave dog, this slave raised itself to its knees and crawled over to lick and worship Miss boots, top and bottom and then Miss ordered this slave to suck the heel, this slave did so, sucking it deep down to the base of the boot.

Miss then removed Her shoes and ordered slave back down the lay on the floor, She then say ”As my slave dog you will have to get use to this”, Miss then stood on Her slave dogs throat again bare foot, blocking the air ways and crushing down with all Her weight on to Her slave property, it is always a please to be Miss’s door-matt to trample but this slave Miss wanted this slave to feel real pain and suffering for Her enjoyment, Miss would step off and let Her slave dog breathe and then step back on again as if to say “I own you and everything you do even breathe”, before stepping off this slaves neck.

“Is this too hard for you slave dog”, Miss said to this slave, this slave answered,” no Miss anything to please You Miss”, as a good slave dog should, Miss then stepped on this slaves neck again crushing its throat, after a while She stepped off and order this slave to its hands and knees, where Miss kicked it into the right place on the floor and untied this slave dogs legs and put Her boots back on.

“Spread Your legs dog” Miss ordered, this slave dog did as She said so and game the first kick to the slave balls, it was not too hard as Miss does like to play and test the waters when it comes to CBT especially ball kicking, Miss then processed to kick Her slaves balls harder and then playing with them, kicking a little slower and then giving them a good hard kicking, Miss knows She owns this slave and that its slave balls are Her property to own and use as She likes, and Miss does just that.

After a little more play and a few more good hard kicks to the slave balls, Miss then sat on the couch and ordered slave to get up and join Her by kneeling on the floor next to Her, this slave did as She wished, Miss then grabbed this slave dogs balls and pulled then, saying,” I have Your balls now slave, they are my balls now and I will do with them as I wish”, Miss then started to slap and punch the slave balls in Her hand, laughing as She did it, hard slap to each of the balls followed by a good hard punch or 2, then back to the ball pulling and slapping, Miss really know how to have fun with Her slave dog property.

After a while of pulling, punching and slapping Her slave dog balls, Miss started pocking and flicking the slave balls, laughing at this slave dogs screams and moans, after Miss had Her fun She ordered slave dog down onto all fours like the dog it is and was put to use as Her footstool.

 Dog Boo


Women Supremacy – Viet Nam Goddess

Viet Nam Goddess

VN Goddess

I have believed in Women Supremacy for years. Since I started being a Dominatrix, I have found women power very mysterious and endless. There are two different kinds of power, one from controlling the people and one from within, self confidence. And it is a great balance to combine two of them efficiently.

You may think that I stand by Women Supremacy because I am a woman. This is one of the reasons. In fact, women have many advantages. The first thing is about their physical look. Since I am also attracted to women, I always find their look more interesting than men in a way. Obviously, it is a plus to dominant women who have both power and physical attraction. However, how to balance them is a mystery.

Every Domme has their own way of domination. There was a time I focused on my physical attraction a lot, used my charms to dominate people. It was fun for a while. I then realized I was becoming too extreme and dependent on it. I was afraid that my beauty would be gone when I grew older and older. But that is something I could never avoid or control as what I did to slaves. So instead of accepting the truth, I was chasing myself as a shadow. It was my big ego.

I soon woke up from that nightmare and pulled myself back. I discovered and learnt a way to balance it. Slaves helped me grow at that time which I really appreciated. Actually, it was not that hard to be in balance as long as I could accept and just let it be the way it was meant to be. My look helps me more confident; my inner confidence brings me love and better feelings of myself.

It is interesting to control someone in all body, mind and soul. Even though I am more into soul level but I do use my charms to dominate  in a comfortable way. It is more important to ‘tame’ one’s heart than their body. Pain will be gone in a while but submission in their heart will last. Once they devote with all their heart, their body will follow and be ready for using.

I can be strict and cruel but I can be sweet and caring as well. All depends on my mood and how the slave behaves. Slaves have their different limits. The thing is to be sensitive to them, feel them and find out flexibility for new challenges. It is like a door to their soul and once I get the key, I can open it anytime.

From VN Goddess

A slave’s diary (Part 1) – Dominatrix Saigon

Dominatrix Saigon

dog training vn

This slave dog turned up at Miss T’s door, the door was opened and this slave came into the room and was ordered to strip naked. This slave did as it was told and kneel naked at the feet of Miss.

Miss then invited this slave to dress Her in a leather skirt, top and boots which was a great honor and service for it to perform after her skirt and top were on and a few fast slaps to correct its mistakes this slave was then told to put on Her boots. Her nice legs and beautiful feet slipped into Her knee high boots.

This slave was placed into hand cuffs and a collar with a leash and order to crawl into the middle of the room, this slave took the submissive pose with its head to the floor ass in the air and hands out with palms up, a ball gag was put into slaves mouth and strapped on .

Miss then caned this slave across its ass followed by another and another, Miss how to take control of Her slave dog property by inflicting the pain of the cane to its ass, Miss then told this slave why it was being punished for not doing an assignment good enough and failing Her, after 20 strokes of the cane Miss started to use the leather flogger on its back hard, She continue to bring the flogger down on this slaves back time after time, all over.

Vn Goddess then stood on slaves hands and said “you will not fail Me again will You slave dog”, this slave had learnt its lesson but Miss continue to flog its back to make sure, this slave agreement with yes Miss through the ball gag in its mouth.

This slave was then told to get on its back with its arms spread out the cuff on its arms were soon tied down and the ball gag was taken out and replaced with a hood and a blind fold, “now it is time to have fun” Miss said, then the first drops of hot wax started falling on this slave naked body, as it wiggled in pain on the floor Miss laugh at the site.

The Goddess final put Her boot onto this slave body and ordered it not to move this slave stayed still with Miss T’s boot on it throw as She delightfully kept pouring hot wax over its body, when She had finished with the hot wax torture the ice was to come next lay cold ice cubes out in patterns for Her amusements on this slave body, “stay still slave” She ordered, this slave did its best to not move but the ice cube kept sliding off its body onto the floor Miss did not like this and She would slap and kick this slave dog for not doing as it was told.

After the ice cubes had melted away and then took the blind fold off this slaves eyes so it could see what was coming next, it was a hot chilli dropped into its mouth,” now eat it”, this slave did as it was told and then another chilli and another until this slave had 3 hot chilli in its mouth and could feel the intense chilli heat in its mouth, Miss then stood over this slave like the true Asian Goddess She is and peed into this slave mouth this slave was so happy to drink Miss Trans pee and then She continued to pee all over this slave dogs body, after She had finished She uncuffed this slave and ordered it to lick up the mess on the floor. This slave dog licked up all the mess which was a mixture of Miss T’s pee, water from the ice cubes and the little dirty that was on the floor.

It licked and sucked up the mess as it was an honor to serve Miss T and be anything She wanted, after clean up the mess Miss pull on the dog collar and and put a doggy bowl full of corn flakes in front of it and ordered it to eat, this slave dog did as it was told eating on the floor like the dog it is, Miss then pulled on this slave chain this dog lifted its head as Miss moved the doggy bowl away and throw it a doggy bone, this picked it up in its mouth and stood on all fours like a grateful dog should, then a toy ball was thrown at doggies paws, this doggy start to play with the ball around and around in circus for Miss T’s amusement.

Miss then ordered this slave dog to Her feet, She took the doggy bone from its mouth and throw it across the room and ordered this dog to fetch, this slave dog crawl on all fours to fetch the bone for Miss, She ordered it to go fast, this dog went fast for Miss as She throw the bone again across the room, slave dog did not need an order the second time, it crawled quickly over to fetch the bone for Miss, She then continued to throw the bone 4 more times for doggy to fetch.

After She stood up and ordered doggy to turn around, She then sat on this slave dog’s back, it was a great pleasure to be used as a seat by such a great Asian Goddess, She then moved Her leg over and saddled this slave like a pony, “crawl” She ordered and this slave crawled and carried Her on its back after 3 times around the room this slaves knees were buckling and body shacking in pain, Miss T saw this but wanted to push this slave further She commanded it to crawl around the room one more time, this slave was in pain but did as Miss wanted and was more afraid about falling down and the Goddess falling off then what it was about itself, this slave crawled around the room again in complete pain , knees shacking and slave moaning, only for hear Miss T’s laughter, when this slave had finish the complete crawl around the room Miss stood up and this slave crumbled to the floor, to hear Miss laugh out loud.

She looked down at this slave on the floor and then ordered it back onto its knees, tied its cock and balls with rope around a post and then to wall making sure they were easy to get to and then its hand together tied off around the back of its head, after which this slave was blindfolded, Miss then proceeded to grab at, pull and poke at Your slave ball property before applying pegs to the ball sack, penis, nipples and skin.

After this slave skin had been nicely decorated with colorful pegs, She brought out a cane and started hitting the pegs, telling this slave if any fall off it will get a lot worse, this knelt still as Miss had Her fun, hoping that none of the pegs would fall off, after Miss had Her fun She removed the pegs from this slave first the skin, then the ball sack and cock and finally the nipples.

Miss T then took the blindfold off this slave and placed Her boot in front of it, this slave dog was allowed to kiss and worship Miss T’s boot another great honor, after which Miss was pleased with the punishment and training so far and this slave was put to domestic duties, naked of course.

Dog Boo


Cross dressing – BDSM Mistress VN

BDSM Mistress VN

sissification vn

One of my favorite BDSM scenes is cross-dressing. I have started doing it since the very early time of my teen-age. At the time I realized I loved doing dress-up and make-up that was pretty usual for girls.

I had no sisters but a little brother with me who was not into such things at all. Sometimes I saw myself doing that on him. It was usually started with an urge followed by a candy then he easily let me do whatever I wanted. However, I could only do some simple makeup with the basic things that I got. 

When I got to a high school, one of my closed friends  had a brother who was really into this. In the beginning, I was not sure what he was. He once told me he loved dressing like a girl and enjoying all of the chores. He wanted to be a wife and served a husband who should have been a female. I found it quite bizarre. Did not know if I could call him a girl, a boy or a lady boy. There was something in between that I could not figure out.

Growing up, I started being a BDSM Mistress. I got to learn about sissification and realized that was what I had been wondering for months. I did that to all the slaves that came into my life. They were mostly straight. One of them was bisexual who finally became a friend, a sister and a faithful slave to me. I often went out with him dressing like a woman. I loved seeing him trying to pick up another guy for one night stand because one of my fantasies was to see him being taken by another guy either for fun or for money.

I do not know if I could call that relation a vanilla one or fetish one. He enjoyed doing all of the housework that he was pretty good at to serve me as a maid. When I wanted entertainment, he became a toy and when I needed to talk to someone, I always had him as my trusted friend. It was a lovely time that I would never forget. 

For that reason, I appreciate sissies and slaves who are into it for my pleasure. I never consider a slave by their experiences but their devotion to me. The slaves who have been brought into my life even for a short time or a long period become something to me. Do not think that there are only domination and submission in BDSM. There is also love between a Mistress and a slave. It is not mundane love like a couple. It comes from worship and devotion. When a slave submits to me with all his love, I can feel it and share it with him. That is a very remarkable moment in BDSM beyond the pain which I have learnt during my time of being a Dominatrix.

Life is too short and the beautiful moments that we have in our life is even shorter. No matter if you are a Domme or a slave, you have a right to enjoy your life to the fullest.

From VN Goddess

Rapist – Domme Viet Nam

Domme Viet Nam

BDSM 3some

One of my BDSM fantasies is to rape a slave. Do not get the idea that it is something relating to an intercourse. Slaves are not allowed to have it even though you have seen it a lot in BDSM porns.

Before a rape, I enjoy having a leash that is up to a day while I hang out with friends. It might be done in a cage or I tie him down. When I get back, the slave may end up being on the floor with full of his pee, so he surely gets my punishment. I pull his hair and push his face into the pee. He has to clean it all with his mouth and tongue. It will be followed by a hard whipping and caning for a torture.

My cruelty would not stop there yet. I push him down, lock him all up in wrists and ankles restraints. He will get a hard face slapping continuously until his cheeks get all red. A gag in his mouth coming along with a hood will be done afterwards. His chastity still remains. 

I use a strap-on to take him from behind. I do not care if he is a virgin or not, I will still rape him hard. The thing I love about torture is to hear a slave screaming and begging for mercy. It is exciting!

When I am not enough satisfied, I will ask another guy to take him for me. It does not matter if he is straight or bisexual. I love to see that. That guy will not be allowed to come until I ask him to. I would like for it to last an hour. Then make the slave suck his sexual part and swallow his come and so on.

Wonder if anyone dares to try this session with me…

From VN Goddess