Hire A Listener

Why Hire A Listener?

  • You are frustrated with life in some ways but feel like you don’t really need a therapist or a psychiatrist
  • Your problems are too discreet to tell your family and friends
  • You don’t want to be negatively judged by people around you
  • You don’t want to worry your loved ones
  • You want to confess something without a Priest or a Monk
  • You want to reveal all to a stranger who truly wants to listen to you

I highly respect your discretion, so you don’t need to show your face and Identity. Sessions can be done via Audio Chat.

Session Fees: 30 USD for 30 minutes and 50 USD for an hour

Payment: Bank Transfer, Paypal

Email me for more info: mistress4doggie@yahoo.com. I am all ears, ARE YOU READY?