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Viet Nam Princess

viet nam princess

Hi subs, thanks for serving and supporting Me on what I have been doing. I really appreciate it all. For those who have not met me yet or like to learn more about Me, here is a list of common questions I usually get for sessions and more. Pls simply contact me if you do not see what is on your mind in this post.  

1) What is Ur vanilla job?

A performer.


2) How should i address U?

Miss, in both public and private.


3) How do U look in real?

My body is like in my photos. For my face, most of people said I look young and cute, some said pretty and attractive. Guess u need to check out urself . 


4) What are Ur favorite colors?

Black, red, white and blue.


5) What are Ur hobbies?

Singing, listening and playing music, dancing, travel, movies, swimming, sports, playing pool,
domination, reading and more. 


6) What is Ur marital status?



7) What is Ur sexuality?

A bi Domme.


8) What is Ur domination style?

Depends on how I feel at that time. I like teasing, romantic and sensual domination but also enjoy torturing and using someone.


9) How do U see Urself as personalities?

Confident, open minded, sweet, kind, easy going and playful but I am extremely impatient and easily get bored. I am fun to be with. I am normally humble but could be quite arrogant to strangers especially boys.


10) What was the people’s impression when they first saw U?

Shocked lol I am joking. Actually some people said I didn’t look like a Dom and the reason of why they said so is bs I have a very sweet look. Most of Dommes seem to have a lot of make-ups on Their eyes which made Them look strong and fierce. I normally do not have it. I am a Leo, a natural born leader. It is all in heart isn’t it. I like to be sweet and nice with some manipulation. Devil is inside .


11) What are Ur fav fantasies?

I am a sadist and a rapist. I like strapon, humiliation, group domination, dog training, massage, sissyfication, fin-dom, edging, foot/shoes worship, leather, chastity etc.


12) What are Ur limits?

Blood, scat and needles.


13) How do U like to be treated?

As a Goddess with high respect and devotion.


14) What do the subs like from U?

Maybe my relaxing and enjoyable laughs during my sessions…not very sure. You need to find it out then.


15) What is Ur ideal sub?

Someone with a pure sub heart and honesty. It doesn’t matter much physically unless he is over sized . Someone who treats me like a Queen with no ego and jealousy. If u expect Me to do whatever u want, pls do not contact Me, no matter how much money u have. I will like it if u support Me on what I do and I will do the same to u in return. Supporting Me is supporting urself . Especially I quite like good surprises, either small or big. I like to be spoiled. Someone who likes to make me a very happy woman and try his best to serve Me.  


16) Can U love a sub and take care of him?

I can, I have a lot of love to share. As a Dom, I like to take care of my sub, see him happy and comfortable around Me. I like to give and receive unconditional love with no calculation and comparison. Every Dom is different and I would not say I am the best. There is always a better one. The thing is I know what I want for My life.


17) Would U see Urself settling down with someone?

I would for the right person who must be a sub bs I am no more interested in vanilla men.


18) What is an ideal relationship to U?

Trusted, loving, caring, understanding, mutual respect especially no secrets from each other. I would not expect a monogamy from u. Understand that one person can worship many Goddesses (I mean having sessions with other Doms) but should have the main Goddess that u devote to. If u become close with the others or treat them better than Me (giving them gifts, money other than sessions) then it is another thing. U MUST have my permission to see other Doms. I’d rather be in an open relationship than to do things behind each other’s back. U can always be open to Me. If 2 parties have secrets from each other, there is something wrong.


19) What is Ur weakness?

I have a lot . I am very impatient especially to beginners. I could be very aggressive, cold n cruel (as a part of my Leo sign) when someone saddens or annoys me. Afraid of dark, height and thunder. I tend to easily give up when it comes to emotional challenges. I could be very demanding and I like expensive things since I see Myself as a Goddess :). 


20) What do U dislike from subs?

Ego. Some of u could be quite egoistical and usually take granted of Me while Me being nice and close to u. In that case u would not have another chance with Me. I do not like playboys, fuckboys with or without serious situations. I have seen some people throwing money away to use women as they want. I respect and love women too much to see that. It hurts. I would not mind u throwing money into my pocket lol.


21) What is difference between a sub and a slave?

It is about devotion. A sub means u have a choice of who to serve but a slave does not. A sub can have many Doms but a slave can not or u need permission from your Doms. Moreover, being a slave means your owned by Her.


22) How do U feel while having sessions with married men or men who are in loving relationship?

Many of those who have come to me are married or in relationships. Most of them have pretty good loving relationship but in a corner of their world they still miss their fantasies being fulfilled and it might not be easy to tell their partners or it is unacceptable. Also, there are many of them who have lost their interests in vanilla sexual life. If having sessions with Me makes them feel better about themselves and their vanilla relationships, I will be more than happy to help. It is mutual support.


23) Have U had many contacts who are fakers?

Yes, sometimes. Some people contacted Me just for a chit chat which excited them and they would wank over it. Some came and said stupid things like I was a money digger, an escort blah blah or tried to put me down. I do not feel bad but feel sorry for those losers who are useless in their life. Those who have met me or had sessions with Me already knew that I do not offer escort services (blow job, hand job, sex, clothes off in sessions etc). Whatever u think of me as a pro Domme, it does not matter. I know who I am which is enough. You either like me or hate me and u can only fool me once.


24) What is difference between a vanilla and a D/s relationship?

In my opinions, they are not much different. In both of them, people love and take care of each other. It is power exchange. The more the subs surrender, the powerful the Doms become. The subs love, care and make their Doms happy, the Doms love, care and make sure their subs enjoy being and serving them. In fact if 2 persons are in the same fantasy life, it will be easier to understand and open to each other, from there the love grows stronger and deeper. It could be very beautiful and enjoyable if 2 parties maintain it reasonably.


25) How would You like Ur D/s relationship to be?

Well, being a Dom doesn’t mean I control the person completely. There is nothing 100%. It is quite different between a lifestyle and a single session. In the sessions, I can be tough, be extreme bs it does only last a few hours, then people have a rest from each other. In the lifestyle, won’t be like that in daily activities or else it would tire people out. I do like to care for my partner with some little cooking, kisses or hugs sometimes, love to listen to him and support him whenever he needs Me. When we go out together, I love to choose clothes which he will be wearing (no worries, I have a good fashion taste), decide on places that we will have dinner or where to go. If I run out of ideas, he can suggest and I consider. I like to show my affection and emotion. We might argue sometimes so he should be the one who calms me down and saves the conversation with a little hug for example bs I am quite hot tempered. It would just be an explosion if the person keeps fighting with me. Most of my time I travel alone, I do everything on my own, it is very nice to have someone who organizes things for Me and surprises Me. It makes me feel like a Queen. I might not have nothing to reward him but my love.


26) Have U dominated female subs?

Yes I have. I am bisexual.


27) Have U done group domination?

Yes I have many times. I enjoy them.


28) What was the craziest thing that U have done?

Leasing a sub out for escort service to earn money for Me. I guess I am a weird creature lol.


29) What turns U on the most?

Obedience…when the person says yes to what I ask for or let Me do it My way. I love to push one’s limits especially I like to take virginity lol.


30) Would U see Urself falling for someone like Me?

Haha…how freaky are u?


31) If U met a super nice man who would support U mentally and financially, would U stop being a pro Domme?

I would consider…


32) Would U re-locate for the right person?



33) Are U a jealous type of person?

Maybe a little if I really like the person. But I always encourage him to be what he is and hope he will do that to Me in return.


34) What would U do if U found that the person cheated on U or did things behind Ur back?

Leave him alone. There is no point to be jealous or to argue if he likes someone better than Me.


Right, should be enough now. If u think I am ur type of Dom, do not hesitate to contact Me and if u like me, like me for what I am. If u do something for Me, make sure it is bs u feel like doing them. Please do not do anything and then complain that I am too demanding. I would never force anyone to do anything. Cheers!

From VNG





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