A slave’s diary (Part 1) – Dominatrix Saigon

Dominatrix Saigon

dog training vn

This slave dog turned up at Miss T’s door, the door was opened and this slave came into the room and was ordered to strip naked. This slave did as it was told and kneel naked at the feet of Miss.

Miss then invited this slave to dress Her in a leather skirt, top and boots which was a great honor and service for it to perform after her skirt and top were on and a few fast slaps to correct its mistakes this slave was then told to put on Her boots. Her nice legs and beautiful feet slipped into Her knee high boots.

This slave was placed into hand cuffs and a collar with a leash and order to crawl into the middle of the room, this slave took the submissive pose with its head to the floor ass in the air and hands out with palms up, a ball gag was put into slaves mouth and strapped on .

Miss then caned this slave across its ass followed by another and another, Miss how to take control of Her slave dog property by inflicting the pain of the cane to its ass, Miss then told this slave why it was being punished for not doing an assignment good enough and failing Her, after 20 strokes of the cane Miss started to use the leather flogger on its back hard, She continue to bring the flogger down on this slaves back time after time, all over.

Vn Goddess then stood on slaves hands and said “you will not fail Me again will You slave dog”, this slave had learnt its lesson but Miss continue to flog its back to make sure, this slave agreement with yes Miss through the ball gag in its mouth.

This slave was then told to get on its back with its arms spread out the cuff on its arms were soon tied down and the ball gag was taken out and replaced with a hood and a blind fold, “now it is time to have fun” Miss said, then the first drops of hot wax started falling on this slave naked body, as it wiggled in pain on the floor Miss laugh at the site.

The Goddess final put Her boot onto this slave body and ordered it not to move this slave stayed still with Miss T’s boot on it throw as She delightfully kept pouring hot wax over its body, when She had finished with the hot wax torture the ice was to come next lay cold ice cubes out in patterns for Her amusements on this slave body, “stay still slave” She ordered, this slave did its best to not move but the ice cube kept sliding off its body onto the floor Miss did not like this and She would slap and kick this slave dog for not doing as it was told.

After the ice cubes had melted away and then took the blind fold off this slaves eyes so it could see what was coming next, it was a hot chilli dropped into its mouth,” now eat it”, this slave did as it was told and then another chilli and another until this slave had 3 hot chilli in its mouth and could feel the intense chilli heat in its mouth, Miss then stood over this slave like the true Asian Goddess She is and peed into this slave mouth this slave was so happy to drink Miss Trans pee and then She continued to pee all over this slave dogs body, after She had finished She uncuffed this slave and ordered it to lick up the mess on the floor. This slave dog licked up all the mess which was a mixture of Miss T’s pee, water from the ice cubes and the little dirty that was on the floor.

It licked and sucked up the mess as it was an honor to serve Miss T and be anything She wanted, after clean up the mess Miss pull on the dog collar and and put a doggy bowl full of corn flakes in front of it and ordered it to eat, this slave dog did as it was told eating on the floor like the dog it is, Miss then pulled on this slave chain this dog lifted its head as Miss moved the doggy bowl away and throw it a doggy bone, this picked it up in its mouth and stood on all fours like a grateful dog should, then a toy ball was thrown at doggies paws, this doggy start to play with the ball around and around in circus for Miss T’s amusement.

Miss then ordered this slave dog to Her feet, She took the doggy bone from its mouth and throw it across the room and ordered this dog to fetch, this slave dog crawl on all fours to fetch the bone for Miss, She ordered it to go fast, this dog went fast for Miss as She throw the bone again across the room, slave dog did not need an order the second time, it crawled quickly over to fetch the bone for Miss, She then continued to throw the bone 4 more times for doggy to fetch.

After She stood up and ordered doggy to turn around, She then sat on this slave dog’s back, it was a great pleasure to be used as a seat by such a great Asian Goddess, She then moved Her leg over and saddled this slave like a pony, “crawl” She ordered and this slave crawled and carried Her on its back after 3 times around the room this slaves knees were buckling and body shacking in pain, Miss T saw this but wanted to push this slave further She commanded it to crawl around the room one more time, this slave was in pain but did as Miss wanted and was more afraid about falling down and the Goddess falling off then what it was about itself, this slave crawled around the room again in complete pain , knees shacking and slave moaning, only for hear Miss T’s laughter, when this slave had finish the complete crawl around the room Miss stood up and this slave crumbled to the floor, to hear Miss laugh out loud.

She looked down at this slave on the floor and then ordered it back onto its knees, tied its cock and balls with rope around a post and then to wall making sure they were easy to get to and then its hand together tied off around the back of its head, after which this slave was blindfolded, Miss then proceeded to grab at, pull and poke at Your slave ball property before applying pegs to the ball sack, penis, nipples and skin.

After this slave skin had been nicely decorated with colorful pegs, She brought out a cane and started hitting the pegs, telling this slave if any fall off it will get a lot worse, this knelt still as Miss had Her fun, hoping that none of the pegs would fall off, after Miss had Her fun She removed the pegs from this slave first the skin, then the ball sack and cock and finally the nipples.

Miss T then took the blindfold off this slave and placed Her boot in front of it, this slave dog was allowed to kiss and worship Miss T’s boot another great honor, after which Miss was pleased with the punishment and training so far and this slave was put to domestic duties, naked of course.

Dog Boo


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