My Updates

29 April 2015

Sissy boy for use in HCM. Anyone  interested, contact me.

29 August 2015

I am clarifying for my nae. Tran is my Vietnamese name, pls don’t be mistake it with ‘trans’ for ‘transexual’ lol if u ever see my signature and I cant show my face on Internet. I m a Goddess. I am moving around SEA for session tour. I do charge for my trip expense and equipments but I am not a full time pro Dom. I am an artist for living if u ever wonder.

Just finished my Singapore trip, it was fun after all. Thanks for those who supported and serve Me, I appreciated all’ My reviews in SG (in middle of the page), have a look:¬†

31 August 2015

In KL, Malaysia from 25-28 Sept 2015. Contact Me for bookings in advance or just to hang out if I have time.

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